Neutonic Review - Does This Nootropic Drink Really Work?

Neutonic is the new nootropic-infused drink formulated by fitness influencers James Smith and Chris Williamson to boost productivity, focus, and mental clarity. But does this "smart drink" live up to the hype?
Neutonic review, Does it work?
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In this Neutonic review, we'll break down the science-backed ingredients, analyze if the formula stacks up to claims and spotlight real Neutonic user reviews on the cognitive benefits. Read on to determine if Neutonic's nootropic drink deserves a spot in your daily supplement regimen.

Quick Verdict

Neutonic is a decent option for natural cognitive enhancement and increased productivity, offering clean, plant-based stimulation that enhances focus and clarity. However, when it comes to a truly remarkable nootropic experience, Noocube stands head and shoulders above Neutonic.

Noocube is far better than Neutonic for several key reasons. First and foremost, its comprehensive formula is like a precision tool for cognitive enhancement. It incorporates a wide range of nootropic ingredients, each addressing various aspects of cognitive function, memory, and mental clarity. Noocube doesn't just wake you up; it sharpens your mind and intensifies your focus, consistently delivering exceptional results.

The attention to detail in Noocube's dosing is remarkable. With Noocube, you can trust that you're getting the exact right amount of each ingredient, ensuring that you reap the full cognitive benefits. This level of precision sets it apart from Neutonic, where ingredient dosages may not be as carefully optimized.

Memory enhancement is where Noocube truly shines. It takes both short-term and long-term memory to new heights, making it a game-changer, especially for those in need of enhanced cognitive performance in their professional and personal lives. Neutonic simply can't match this level of memory enhancement.

Furthermore, Noocube boasts a proven track record of consistent positive feedback from users worldwide. It's not just me; many people experience remarkable cognitive improvements with Noocube.

Transparency is another crucial aspect that Noocube excels in. You know exactly what you're consuming and why it works, instilling trust in the product.

Lastly, Noocube's global recognition and acclaim are a testament to its excellence in the field. It has earned its place as the industry leader, and choosing Noocube means choosing the very best.

In summary, while Neutonic offers a reasonable option for cognitive enhancement, Noocube is far superior. Its comprehensive formula, precise dosing, memory-enhancing capabilities, proven results, transparency, and global acclaim establish Noocube as the ultimate choice for optimizing mental performance. Noocube isn't just about waking up your brain; it's about unleashing its full potential.

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Overview of Neutonic

Developed by popular YouTubers Smith and Williamson, Neutonic aims to optimize cognitive function using natural nootropics, vitamins, and antioxidants. The sugar free formula provides a "clean" stimulant source from organic caffeine matched with calming and focus-enhancing nootropics.

Neutonic comes in two flavors - Wild Citrus and Orange Sunrise. The drinks leverage ingredients like Cognizin, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine, and B vitamins to sharpen focus, boost mental energy, heighten productivity, and reduce mind fog.

According to the creators, Neutonic fuels improved attention, smarter decisions, and sustained energy levels without crashes. But are the ingredients truly backed by science? Let's analyze the formula.

Here is a more in-depth analysis of Neutonic's dosages compared to clinical research:

A Deep Dive into Neutonic's Ingredients

Neutonics Igredients


Multiple double-blind, placebo-controlled human trials showcase Cognizin’s ability to enhance cognition at dosages between 250-500mg.

A 2019 trial published in Nutrients gave 215mg of Cognizin to 63 teenage students for 8 weeks. The Cognizin group showed significant improvements in attention, psychomotor speed, and impulse control compared to placebo.

In another 2019 randomized trial with 80 subjects, two doses of Cognizin (250mg and 500mg) for 12 weeks markedly improved memory, focus, and overall cognitive function versus placebo.

With 500mg Cognizin, Neutonic made the right call going with the higher clinically-backed dosage for maximal impact.

"Cognizin is a shining star in Neutonic's formula. At 500mg, it's dosed to deliver on its promise for enhanced mental energy and focus, as supported by robust clinical trials."


Studies utilizing PharmaGABA, a patented L-theanine formulation, provide dosing guidance. An 8-week trial giving 200mg PharmaGABA to adults saw significantly increased alpha waves indicating relaxation without drowsiness.

Another trial tested the impact of 200mg and 400mg PharmaGABA on attention and task switching ability. Both doses equally improved cognitive performance and attention versus placebo, demonstrating efficacy across a 200-400mg range.

Neutonic’s 200mg L-theanine dosage matches these successful studies, making it an appropriately evidence-based dose.

"L-Theanine at 200mg is a smart inclusion. It's known to induce a state of calm alertness, which can complement caffeine's stimulatory effects."

Rhodiola Rosea

A 2015 systematic review found 400-600mg Rhodiola Rosea daily was effective for enhancing mental performance and reducing fatigue. Dosages below 400mg showed inconsistently mixed results.

A small pilot study gave 171mg Rhodiola Rosea twice daily over 6 weeks. Subjects demonstrated significant reductions in fatigue and improvements in attention and cognitive function.

While Neutonic’s 400mg Rhodiola content should provide some benefit, 500-600mg aligns better with the majority of research and would likely maximize effects.

"Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen that's been linked to reduced fatigue and better stress management, which can indirectly support cognitive function."

Panax Ginseng

Studies on Panax Ginseng for cognitive performance use dosages ranging from 400mg to 1,000mg generally.

A 2012 trial showed 400mg daily successfully improved mental performance during sustained mentally demanding work. Another trial suggested cognitive benefits may require higher doses up to 600mg.

With only 200mg per can, Neutonic’s Panax Ginseng content seems markedly underdosed compared to successful research, making benefits unlikely.

"Panax Ginseng has a history of use in traditional medicine for boosting mental performance, which is a plus for Neutonic's blend."

B Vitamins

While essential for energy metabolism, evidence does not suggest meeting the daily nutritional value elevates cognition or productivity. Most energy drinks use megadoses of B vitamins, often 10,000% or higher than the daily requirements. This is likely a more effective strategy for an extra cognitive boost.

"B vitamins are essential for energy metabolism, and their inclusion in Neutonic supports overall brain health and function."

Ingredients Summary

Neutonic aligned the ingredient dosages for Cognizin and L-theanine perfectly based on clinical evidence. But Rhodiola Rosea and especially Panax Ginseng appear significantly underdosed. Optimizing these amounts would likely amplify Neutonic's nootropic impact. The B vitamin doses also could be increased beyond daily values to mirror other top energy drinks.

Neutonic Ingredients.

Analyzing Real Customer Reviews

Despite some dosage concerns, Neutonic user reviews largely reflect the advertised cognitive benefits:

"I struggle with afternoon mental fatigue and brain fog which kills my productivity. The difference has been night and day since adding Neutonic to my daily routine. I can power through without distractions and finally get stuff done."

"I'll be honest, I expected Neutonic to be all hype but it delivered for me. Staying laser focused for my long study sessions has never been easier. Game changer as a med student."

However, some users found the energy lift from Neutonic's 120mg caffeine jarring:

"I'm sensitive to stimulants and this drink had me buzzing. I won't be having it past 10am again that's for sure."

"The crash was a bit tough for me after the immediate spike in energy. Perhaps a lower caffeine version would be better."

The Verdict: Reviews indicate Neutonic provides genuine cognitive enhancement, especially for concentration and productivity. Most users tolerate it well but those sensitive to stimulants should exercise caution.

Neutonic Information
Neutonic poster.

Studies on Neutonic Ingredients

  • A 2019 double-blind trial in Nutrients found 215mg of Cognizin for 8 weeks significantly improved attention, psychomotor speed, and impulse control in 63 teenagers.
  • A 12-week study in 2019 demonstrated 250mg and 500mg doses of Cognizin markedly enhanced memory, focus, and overall cognitive function in 80 healthy adults.
  • A trial giving 200mg of PharmaGABA L-theanine daily to adults for 8 weeks substantially increased alpha brain waves, indicating relaxation without drowsiness.
  • A study found 200mg and 400mg of PharmaGABA equally improved attention and task-switching cognitive performance over placebo.
  • A systematic review reported daily doses of 400-600mg Rhodiola Rosea can effectively enhance mental performance and reduce fatigue.
  • A small 2015 pilot study observed significant reductions in fatigue and improvements in attention after 6 weeks supplementing 171mg Rhodiola Rosea twice daily.
  • A 2012 trial demonstrated 400mg Panax Ginseng daily successfully improved mental performance during sustained mentally demanding work.
  • Another study suggested cognitive benefits may require higher daily doses of Panax Ginseng up to 600mg.
  • No evidence indicates meeting the recommended daily nutritional intake of B vitamins alone elevates cognition or energy. Most energy drinks use megadoses above the daily values.

Overall Verdict

I'm always intrigued yet skeptical when popular influencers like James Smith and Chris Williamson release a brain supplement like Neutonic. While they certainly have big reach, formulating an effective nootropic requires an in-depth understanding of the science.

However, examining the Neutonic formula and dosages, I can say they've made some smart choices here that demonstrate a degree of research knowledge.

The inclusion of premium evidence-based nootropics like Cognizin citicoline and L-theanine shows they did their homework on proven cognitive enhancers. The doses match up well to clinical research too.

That said, I think they missed the mark slightly on a couple ingredients. The Rhodiola Rosea seems underdosed compared to successful fatigue-fighting research. And Panax Ginseng lacks ample studies to justify it in my view, especially at just 200mg.

The B vitamin doses could also be higher for additional mental energy rather than just meeting daily values. And I'd personally love to see citicoline's complementary choline donor Alpha GPC added as well.

But on the whole, Neutonic provides a solid cognitive boosting formula free of fluff or gimmicks. For influencers new to the supplement game, Chris and James impressed me with a quality first offering.

In summary, Neutonic is a quality newcomer in the nootropics arena. Backed by research and formulated by trusted fitness figures James Smith and Chris Williams, Neutonic provides clean plant-based cognitive enhancement from natural caffeine and nootropics like Cognizin citicoline. Users report feeling sharper, focused, and more productive when drinking Neutonic regularly. Although a few ingredients could be optimized, Neutonic delivers as an affordable daily nootropic drink for increased mental clarity and energy without harsh stimulants. For natural focus and concentration without the crash, Neutonic is a smart new option in the expanding nootropic supplement market.

While a couple tweaks could optimize the formula further, Neutonic delivers as an affordable nootropic drink for daily focus, memory, and anti-fatigue support. I wouldn't say it blows me away to become an instant must-have nootropic. But Neutonic certainly deserves consideration, especially from fans of its creators.

"Neutonic's formula is a commendable blend of evidence-based nootropics and vitamins. It's a solid choice for those looking to enhance their cognitive function naturally." Thomas Riley

Quick Verdict

For those seeking natural cognitive enhancement and increased productivity, Neutonic deserves consideration. However, when it comes to a truly exceptional nootropic experience with unmatched cognitive benefits, Noocube emerges as the clear frontrunner. Noocube's comprehensive formula, clinical dosing, memory-enhancing capabilities, proven results, transparency, and global acclaim set it far above Neutonic and establish it as the industry's top choice for optimizing mental performance.

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Where to buy Neutonic drink?

Neutonic can be purchased directly from the official Neutonic website at or Amazon. It is not currently available from other online retailers or in stores. The company offers a subscription option to get discounted pricing on recurring Neutonic orders. Both individual cans and packs of 12 cans can be purchased.

What flavours does Neutonic come in?

Neutonic comes in flavours Wild Citrus and Orange Sunrise.

Does Neutonic work?

Neutonic contains research-backed ingredients that are proven to work by boosting cognitive performance.

How long does Neutonic take to work?

Most users feel the effects of Neutonic within 30-60 minutes due to its caffeine content providing rapid stimulation. However, some of its nootropic ingredients like Rhodiola rosea may take 2-3 weeks to fully build up for anti-fatigue or stress relief benefits.

What is Cognizin?

Cognizin is a patented, clinically studied form of citicoline, a potent nootropic. It is one of the primary active ingredients in Neutonic. Cognizin enhances mental energy, focus, concentration, and memory by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain based on human trials.

What is James Smith and Chris Williams' drink called?

The nootropic-infused drink formulated by fitness influencers James Smith and Chris Williams is called Neutonic. It is marketed as a "smart drink" to boost focus, mental clarity, and productivity.

Is Neutonic good for boosting productivity?

Yes, Neutonic can be good for boosting productivity thanks to its combination of organic caffeine and nootropics like Cognizin citicoline. The caffeine provides a stimulation kick while nootropics improve focus and mental stamina, allowing users to stay more engaged on work for longer periods. Many reviewers report Neutonic helping them power through demanding mental tasks.

Does Neutonic improve concentration?

Neutonic appears to improve concentration in most users due to nootropics like L-theanine which provide calm, focused alertness without distraction. Cognizin in Neutonic also enhances attention and psychomotor speed based on studies. Reviewers often cite being able to concentrate on work or studying for hours without losing focus after drinking Neutonic.

Is Neutonic worth it?

For many seeking natural cognitive enhancement without synthetics, Neutonic seems worth the investment. At around $1 per can, it's affordable and users mention feeling more motivated, mentally energized, and productive when drinking Neutonic regularly. With a solid nootropic formula and satisfied customers, Neutonic delivers good value as a daily nootropic supplement drink according to most reviews.

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