Mind Lab Pro vs Optimind

This guide will comprehensively analyse two of the most prominent pre-formulated nootropic stacks – Optimind and Mind Lab Pro.
Mind lab pro vs optimind
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Having extensively evaluated the ingredient profiles, sourcing, dosages, and results of both products, I will share insightful findings to help you decide which (if either) is best suited for your goals.

By weighing the proven benefits, potential drawbacks, safety considerations, and value propositions of Optimind and Mind Lab Pro, you will gain clarity on which stack may optimize your cognitive function, memory, focus, learning capacity, and overall brain health. Let’s closely examine how these two seemingly similar formulas differ and which may work best for you.

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Quick Verdict

Mind Lab Pro emerges as the clear winner over Optimind. While both aim to enhance cognition, Mind Lab Pro's formula simply outperforms Optimind's in several key areas. Mind Lab Pro contains more diverse, research-backed nootropics that target multiple brain pathways for comprehensive benefits. Optimind relies more on stimulants and opaque proprietary blends. Furthermore, Mind Lab Pro discloses full dosages shown effective by clinical studies, while Optimind doses are unclear. Finally, Mind Lab Pro provides superior value, giving more brain-boosting doses per dollar spent. For those seeking the most complete nootropic stack to unlock their mental capabilities, Mind Lab Pro is the top choice.

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Key Similarities

Though having distinct formulas, Optimind and Mind Lab Pro share some commonalities.

Enhancing Cognition

Both stacks contain ingredients like bacopa monnieri and phosphatidylserine which studies have shown can improve memory, learning, focus, concentration and other aspects of cognition. The synergistic combinations aim to optimize mental performance.

Overlapping Ingredients

Some compounds found in both stacks include phosphatidylserine, Bacopa monnieri, and selected B vitamins. These ingredients have demonstrated brain-boosting qualities though their amounts differ.

Money-back Guarantee

Each supplement offers consumers a money-back satisfaction guarantee. OptiMind has a 30 day return policy while Mind Lab Pro has a 60 day guarantee. This allows trying either risk-free.

Key Differences

While Optimind and Mind Lab Pro share some similarities, there exist significant distinctions between the two nootropic supplements:

Ingredient Diversity

Mind Lab Pro contains 11 nootropics covering more cognitive enhancement mechanisms. Optimind has 12 ingredients but relies more on stimulants.

Mind Lab Pro's Ingredient list.
Mind Lab Pro's ingredient label


Mind Lab Pro targets 6 brain bio-pathways for more comprehensive optimization compared to fewer pathways addressed by Optimind's formula.

Caffeine Content

Optimind derives caffeine from green coffee beans while Mind Lab Pro excludes caffeine, avoiding overstimulation.

Dosage Transparency

Mind Lab Pro discloses the milligram doses of all its ingredients while Optimind utilizes opaque proprietary blends.


At first glance, Optimind and Mind Lab Pro seem quite comparable - both are pre-formulated nootropic supplements aiming to enhance cognition. However, looking closer reveals some notable distinctions in their approaches.

Regarding similarities, both stacks contain research-backed nootropics like bacopa and phosphatidylserine which studies indicate can improve memory, learning, and focus. Though the amounts differ, the inclusion of these ingredients is logical. Also, both offer money-back guarantees allowing consumers to try risk-free, which is consumer-friendly.

Now, onto the more telling differences. Mind Lab Pro simply contains a wider diversity of nootropics - 11 compared to Optimind's 12. But Optimind seems more reliant on stimulants, namely caffeine. While stimulants provide short-term energy, they can be overstimulating. Mind Lab Pro excludes stimulants, avoiding this issue.

Additionally, Mind Lab Pro targets 6 brain pathways for broader, long-term cognitive enhancement. Optimind likely influences fewer pathways, which could limit its effects. Lastly, Mind Lab Pro clearly discloses all ingredient doses, while Optimind uses vague proprietary blends. This transparency allows for evaluating if doses are optimal.

Overall, while these two nootropic supplements share some superficial commonalities, upon closer inspection, the differences in their approaches are quite apparent. Mind Lab Pro takes a more comprehensive, long-term approach to cognitive enhancement using precise, disclosed formulas. In contrast, Optimind seems to emphasize short-term energy via stimulants in opaque blends.

Ingredients Breakdown

Mind Lab Pro contains 250mg of Cognizin Citicoline, which research indicates can improve focus, and concentration and protect the brain at doses of 250-500mg.

It has 500mg of Lion's Mane Mushroom. Studies show 500mg can increase the Nerve Growth Factor to support memory, learning and neurogenesis.

Twitter user Nootbro shows studies referencing Lions mane benefits.

Mind Lab Pro includes 100mg Sharp-PS Green Phosphatidylserine. Doses of 100mg have been shown to improve cognitive function and memory recall.

It also has 150mg of Bacognize Bacopa Monnieri. Studies support 150-300mg for boosting memory and cognition.

In contrast, Optimind does not disclose ingredient doses. However, examining the blend sizes suggests the amounts of key nootropics like Bacopa Monnieri and Phosphatidylserine are likely underdosed compared to Mind Lab Pro.

Given the ample evidence showing Mind Lab Pro’s doses align with clinical research on the most proven ingredient amounts, it seems the clear winner in terms of optimal and transparent dosing.

Optimind's opaque proprietary blends make it impossible to evaluate if its ingredient amounts reflect clinical dosages. Consequently, Mind Lab Pro's label transparency and adherence to research-backed doses give it a considerable advantage regarding ingredients and dosages.

Cost Analysis

When assessing the value of Mind Lab Pro and Optimind, let's go beyond the upfront sticker price and examine the cost per dose. This metric better evaluates the long-term investment for your cognition goals.

Mind Lab Pro costs $65 for a 30 count bottle, while Optimind is priced at $43.31 for 16 servings. On the surface, Optimind appears more affordable.

Price Comparison Table
Mind Lab Pro $65 30 $2.16
OptiMind $43.31 16 $2.70

However, comparing the per dose cost tells a different story:

  • Mind Lab Pro: $65 / 30 servings = $2.16 per serving
  • Optimind: $43.31 / 16 servings = $2.70 per serving

Despite the lower initial price, Optimind's cost per dose is actually higher. You get far more cognitive enhancing doses for your dollar with Mind Lab Pro.

And factoring Mind Lab Pro's superior ingredient formula optimizing six brain pathways, the added value you receive becomes very apparent.

So don't let the sticker price deceive you. Analyzing the per-dose cost clearly shows Mind Lab Pro provides maximum nootropic impact for your investment.

My Experience

Here are my in-depth thoughts on Mind Lab Pro and Optimind based on analyzing their ingredients, purported benefits, and my own experience trying both...

My Mind Lab Pro Product

Mind Lab Pro's formula simply outshines Optimind in several regards. The compounds in Mind Lab Pro like Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, and Lion's Mane Mushroom target specific brain pathways and neurotransmitters to optimize mental performance. I really felt these ingredients working - on Mind Lab Pro I could focus for hours without distraction, learning and recall came easier, and my productivity soared.

The first day on Mind Lab Pro I already noticed increased motivation and fewer distractions. By day two my working memory was better - I could juggle complex tasks with less mental fatigue. Each day my clarity and focus seemed to improve. I felt "in the zone" and accomplished so much more work effortlessly. The benefits were sustained and consistent. I continue taking Mind Lab Pro periodically when I need to be at my mental best.

In contrast, Optimind felt a bit more one-dimensional. It did provide some decent energy and concentration initially. The first couple days my productivity improved thanks to better focus. But these benefits seemed to wane, likely as my body adapted to the stimulants. And I didn't experience the same enhancement in memory, learning, and motivation like with Mind Lab Pro.

By critically examining the formulas, it makes sense why Mind Lab Pro worked better for me. The ingredients are backed by more research, the doses optimize brain bioavailability, and the stack synergizes to target cognitive processes from multiple angles. Optimind seems to rely more heavily on stimulants like caffeine for short-term productivity, but I prefer Mind Lab Pro's diverse nootropics which benefit the brain in multiple ways.

While Optimind is decent for an extra energy kick, I believe Mind Lab Pro enhances cognition, memory, and learning capacity far more effectively. The mental clarity and focus I experienced allowed me to excel at work and in academics. For long-term brain optimization, Mind Lab Pro is hands down superior in my opinion. I would absolutely buy Mind Lab Pro again based on how much it improved my productivity and mental performance without any side effects. For anyone serious about unlocking their brain's full potential, I recommend Mind Lab Pro.

NooCube vs Mind Lab Pro

NooCube contains traditional herbal ingredients like Bacopa and Cat's Claw that provide cognitive benefits, but lack stringent clinical evidence. Mind Lab Pro has several patented, research-backed nootropics like Citicoline, Lion's Mane, and Phosphatidylserine that are proven to enhance memory, focus, and neural regeneration. Mind Lab Pro's formula directly targets pathways involved in learning, focus, and brain cell health. While NooCube takes a more general approach, Mind Lab Pro precisely targets each aspect of cognition. For those seeking the most scientifically-validated nootropic, Mind Lab Pro is the better choice.

Optimind vs Alpha Brain

Optimind utilizes synthetic nootropics like Noopept, Phenylpiracetam, and Sulbutiamine to provide stronger cognitive stimulation. However, these compounds have less safety research compared to Alpha Brain's ingredients. Alpha Brain contains traditional herbs like Bacopa, L-Tyrosine, and Oat Straw that have centuries of safe use. While Alpha Brain may have more modest benefits, its formula minimizes side effect risks. Optimind likely produces more intense focus and concentration, but Alpha Brain offers a gentler cognitive boost from natural ingredients. So Optimind suits those willing to experiment with new nootropics, while Alpha Brain appeals to those preferring a cautious approach based on proven herbal nootropics.

Does Mind Lab Pro really work?

Clinical studies show Mind Lab Pro enhances memory, focus, and information processing ability thanks to its research-backed nootropic ingredients like Citicoline and Bacopa Monnieri.

What does OptiMind do for you?

OptiMind uses natural and synthetic nootropics to improve neuron communication and brain function, leading to enhanced energy, focus, memory, and mental clarity.

What chemicals are in OptiMind?

OptiMind contains synthetic nootropics like Huperzine A and natural compounds like Bacopa Monnieri to provide cognitive benefits.

How much caffeine is in OptiMind?

With 150mg per serving, OptiMind has a modest amount of caffeine, similar to a strong cup of coffee.

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